Heart Of Darkness Singapore: Food, Beer & Alcohol Delivery

Heart of Darkness offers food and alcohol delivery in Singapore for our full range of food, beer, cocktails, spirits, sake and more!

From our decadent favourites like the Darkness Rendang Wagyu Burger and IPA Crispy Pork Belly Rice through to our Vietnamese spring rolls and nachos and tacos , we've got you covered (including vegetarian options!).

If you're nearby our venue at 1 Keong Saik Road, Heart of Darkness offers quick and easy pickup too.

Whether you're feeling like a refreshing New England IPAs, a sessionable Pale Ale or even a Stout, we deliver!

Enjoy Heart of Darkness craft beer ice-cold in the comfort of your own home - the ultimate definition of 'craft beer near me'! 



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Heart of Darkness Special Takeaway Menu

heart of darkness restaurant takeaway food menu